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Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;





The cardinal traits of Hufflepuff are loyalty, patience, kindness and hardworking. They are generally extraverted but not as socially ambitious as Gryffindors—they enjoy being around other people but do not require being in the limelight. Hufflepuffs place cooperation above conflict; they are also more emotionally balanced than some of the other houses. Unlike gryffindors, they do not have hot-tempers and are not as likely to become offended by criticism. Hufflepuffs are loyal to their beliefs and to their friends; once they've established roots, they stick with them. It takes a lot to convince them to change their worldviews. Although Gryffindors also exhibit loyalty, if their pride is hurt or their principles violated, Gryffindors will leave (whereas a Hufflepuff has stronger ties).

Hufflepuffs are much more steady and easygoing than the other Houses. They work hard, are very down to earth and not prone to flights of fancy. In contrast, the other houses are much more likely to be erratic in their behavior, especially Slytherins and Gryffindors due to emotional instability. Although Ravenclaws may also be hardworking and patient at times, they are more likely to be swept away by a new idea and abandon projects than a Hufflepuff would.There is another side to the Hufflepuff house, however:


Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot
And treat them just the same."
Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest a
And taught them all she knew,





Although some Hufflepuffs may clearly exhibit the traits of the house, others may simply not fall into any other category. Generally speaking, though, if someone doesn't exhibit any of the major personality traits of the other three houses, they most likely would fit the description of a Hufflepuff.


Take The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz] at HelloQuizzy

Yo!  I know there's been a bit of inactivity on my part, sorry about that.  It's just I've been uber-ly lazy on my part after the car crash a couple of weeks ago right after AX.

The details can be found on my deviantart:  kneazlegurl125.deviantart.com

I'm currently working on all the commissions I've received at AX at this moment.  I should be done with some of them in the up coming next week...lets just hope I don't get picked to be a juror for jury duty on tuesday...bleh i hate jury duty P:

Anyway, i have a few charms left over from AX.  Some of which have not been posted here on my livejournal yet, but hopefully tmrw they will be posted up.  Still have a couple of tofu characters left and nintendo game controllers, also more but i don't have the bag of charms next to me so i can't be totally sure.

More than likely the charms left over from AX will be on sale, since I just kinda want to get rid of them and start on a new batch of charms.  I've been hankering to make some kawaii milk carton charms.
Harry Potter
In other news I saw HBP the other day and it was pretty good.  I can't say it's the best Harry Potter film cuz in general I'm not a big fan of how the films are made.  i think the actors are great and have come a long ways.  i have a bit of a crush on Dan, he's such a lovable dork, but for some reason i like him more as the actor than as harry.  If you look and listen to his interviews he has a strong zest and passion for what he does, and talks a mile a minute when he's super excited, and makes stupid little jokes that you can't help but smile.  i saw an interview on E! the other day where he told the joke: "How do you get a tissue to dance?"...."Put a little boogie in it."  LAME!  but it was so lame that it was really cute <3 <3 <3 

I really loved Tom Felton (Draco) in this movie.  Mostly because he has a more screen time and you get to see him all angtsy ^_^  He's another actor I really like as a person more so than any part he's really played, though I can see him more as Draco than Dan as Harry.  Tom's another utterly adorable dork too, just follow him on twitter and you'll see what i mean.  granted i hardly ever twitter, but the first week i did and followed Tom, i distinctly remember his entries comprising mostly of pajamas, pancakes, his dog, his girlfriend, and twittering while driving (omg! thats dangerous).

The movie itself; i think it was okay.  From what i can recall, i'm pretty sure i liked HBP better than OotP, mostly because of Draco's part in the movie and all the sexy!eyes that Draco and Harry were having (LOL~)  It's not the greatest movie in the world, same goes for the other Harry Potter movies (since i'm more a fan of the books than the movies). 

Explosions upon explosions upon more explosions.  It's was satisfying if you don't want to think and just want to see really awesome special effects and mindless brutal fighting.  like extremely brutal.  if the fights were conducted by ppl rather than robots i'd want to puke my guts out.  there was lots of face bashing and a couple of spine pulling that left me going "ewww, was that really necessary?"  but it was satisfying to watch ^^  However i prefered the first movie more so than the 2nd.


oh boy.  i'm gonna give a more detailed account of what had happened as well a detailed account of AX.  as of right now though i'm tired.  i just want to remind myself that i have commissions to work on, starting with finishing yueshi's charms and getting it out to her.  as well as shipping out interciddo's rabbits and repairing her charms.

the detailed account can be seen on my deviantart account


Speech given by JK Rowling

I just read such an amazing speech given by JK Rowling for a graduation at Harvard in 2008.  This speech just makes me love Jo all the more.



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super kawaii san-x flash animations <3

i was browsing through the san-x japanese website when i came across these little short animations featuring different characters from san-x complete with music and everything.  soooooooo adorable @.@  i think my favorite is with mamegoma <3 but really they're all cute!


check it out!